Scorzayzee - Great Britain

Remix Submission
Before submitting your remix please note the following Remix Submission Terms:

- Scorzayzee may or may not use the Remix to promote the Great Britain project which is limited to; posting it on his YouTube Channel and sending to radio.
- In such case the remixer will be credited and linked in the title and description of the Scorzayzee YouTube page, and the remixer agrees to refrain from posting the remix to their own social media or online public accounts.
- Scorzayzee may or may not select the remix to feature on a remix album that may or may not appear on all formats.
- Any proceeds from Great Britain remixes and alt versions will be administered by Remixology and donated to the Stephen Lawrence Memorial Fund in perpetuity.
- The stems are from a version recorded by Nottingham's Invisible Orchestra at Veda Studios by Matt Terry ©2020 Gotham City All Rights Reserved.
- The promoter and owner of this remix opportunity is Gotham City and any queries should be directed to them via Remixology is a provider of remix commissioning and submission solutions.
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